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Born: Johannesburg South Africa 1984.

Having lived and worked in Cape Town in 2016 Ricky excepted a scholarship to study classical painting in LA. In 2018 Ricky moved to Sri Lanka to set up a studio dividing his time between LA, Sri Lanka and travels.

Well known for his large-scale murals that can be seen in cities all over the world, from New York to Istanbul and Madagascar to Kathmandu Ricky is inspired by his experiences in meditation and Buddhist Dharma (law of nature) and therefore now his paintings explore the nature of non-duality and interconnectedness focusing on bringing to light relevant social issues and universal truths. His intention with his murals is to create artwork that has a connection to the people and place in which he is painting.

Ricky only started painting full time in 2014 having his first solo show in 2015. Before this he was focused on curatorial and creative activism; founding /A WORD OF ART gallery and artist residency in addition to the Colour Ikamva school rejuvenation project.

His studio work has become the antithesis of his public murals as it allows for a more meditative environment to create and allows for him to explore deeper into his ideas without compromise.

Sometimes his work is abstract and deconstructed and sometimes straight forward and didactic; collaging two images together adding bold poetic text to create a union between the dreamlike stories.

His achievements in public art have made it on CNN, Mail & Guardian’s ‘200 young people in SA who make a difference’, Winner of the International Art and healing network award for 2011 and National Geographic's list of ‘11 street art greats’ alongside the likes of Banksy..



Dubai - Commission mural for the UAE cultural development

LA- GREENPEACE commission mural

Frezzano Sicily,- Italy Frame IT festival

Sapri Italy - Commission Mural

Paxos Greece- Paxos contemporary art festival

Satka Russia - Commission mural

Seattle - Sodo Track public art festival

Vukover Croatia - Public art festival

Lisbon Portugal -Underdogs gallery artist residency


Nuart festival - Stavanger Norway

UPEA Art festival - Helsinki Finland

Noa Noa group exhibition - Martinas gallery Italy

Crystal Ship public art festival - Oostende Belgium

Edit art festival - Klaipeda Lithuania

Live painting for Venice family clinic art auction - Google HQ Venice , CA

LAXDTW - Group exhibition Inner-state Gallery Detroit USA

Urban Nation Museum public mural commission - Berlin Germany

Noa Noa art residency - Bali

Public mural commission - Penang Malaysia


Art4writes - Amnesty international group exhibition.Commissioned to paint an artwork raising attention for Edward Snowden's human rights case.

BONOBO - Commission for album launch

Museum group show - Entry Point: Exploring The New Contemporary Movement - Fullerton Museum Center California , Curated by Thinkspace Gallery

Group exhibition - One Year Anniversary -Athen B Gallery Oakland, USA

United Artists mural project - Kiev, Ukrain

Memorie Urbane mural festival - Gaeta, Italy

Notacrime Campaign mural project - New York, USA

WAC Big Walls: Columbia College mural project - Chicago, USA

DO ART Foundation mural commission - Los Angeles, USA

Athen B gallery x RVCA mural project - Oakland, USA

Museum group show - Exploring The New Contemporary Movement Pow Wow - Honolulu Museum of Art Hawaii, Curated by Thinkspace Gallery

Pow Wow Hawaii mural festival - Honolulu, Hawaii


La Zona Residency - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Artesano Mural festival - Nagua, Dominican Republic

Amnesty international - Art4writes exhibition and mural - New Orleans, USA

Walk & Talk public art festival – Azores, Portugal

Matharan Green art festival – Mumbai, India

Solo Exhibition: THE ABSTRACT AND THE ABSOLUTE, Dangerfork Gallery - Melbourne, Australia

Everfresh artist residency - Melbourne, Australia

Solo Exhibition: THE NATURE OF OUR PRESENCE, Worldart Gallery - Cape Town, South Africa



Nelson Mandela tribute mural commission – Johannesburg, South Africa

Bronze Age, group exhibition – Cape Town, South Africa

Peace Revolution artist meditation residency - Bangkok, Thailand

Commission artwork for Google


WWF Earth Hour, mural commission – Cape Town / Johannesburg

Global Power Shift conference, mural commission – Istanbul, Turkey

Muralist festival, public art festival – Istanbul, Turkey

Kolor Kathmandu public art festival – Kathmandu, Nepal

Wall Therapy, public art festival – Rochester NY, USA

The Philadelphia Mural Art Program, mural commission – Philadelphia, USA

Living Walls, public art festival – Atlanta, USA

Kurema, Kureba, Kwiga, mural project – Kigali, Rwanda

Do Art Foundation ‘Urban Art’, Group exhibition – LA, USA


Open Walls, public art festival – Baltimore, USA

Maboneng Township Experience public art project – Gugulethu Cape Town, South Africa

Acrylic Walls, mural project – Johannesburg / Cape Town, South Africa

A WORD OF ART gallery, ‘Ways of seeing’ exhibition – Cape Town, South Africa


Coachella Music Festival live painting – LA, USA

I ART SA – Johannesburg / Cape Town, South Africa

Wall Therapy, public art festival - Rochester NY, USA

Ritual Gallery, group exhibition – NY, USA

Happy Studios, residency – Portland Oregon

Living Walls, public art festival – Atlanta, USA

World Art Gallery “Urban Aesthetic” exhibition with Paul Senyol – Cape Town, South Africa

Wide Open Walls, mural project – The Gambia